what makes myrinx unique?

There is no doubt: the quality of studio microphones has reached an extremely high level. However, in spite of all the research done in the last decades, we found a few blind spots: aspects in no apparent way related to sound quality and therefore never before questioned nor optimized. These are precisely the aspects we focus on, at myrinx.

the wooden housing


We believe metal housing can act as a negative influence on audio quality, as they inevitably interact with the audio signal. Wood, on the other hand, is non-conductive, almost completely passive and offers other advantages: although non-conductive, it does not cause problems with electrostatic charges. Last but not least, wood resonates differently from metal.

the organic microphone cage

organic_cage_3.jpgThe cage around a microphone capsule plays a major role in sound quality. It is our aim to allow acoustic waves to reach the membrane of the capsule, with no obstacle. Parts of the microphone that are parallel to each other may generate disturbing reflections. With myrinx, the housing and cage eliminate any reflecting walls. Metal grills and grids are used for protecting the capsule: their regular structure, however, cause interferences and unnatural alterations to the sound. We use a unique organic lignin fibre structure to protect the capsule and avoid pop noise. The random structure of this biological material combined with its great rigidity makes it the ideal choice for this unique, patented application. To avoid hum problems, a shielding grid is still inevitable, but we reduced it to a minimum and placed it under the random fibre structure: in our experience this led to the least alterations to the sound of a microphone.

the wiring concept

Verkabelung2.jpgTo avoid any unnecessary parts in the signal chain, we decided to solder the connecting cable directly to the PCB. This eliminates the combination of a connector and a receptacle - a big advantage!
Shielding a cable or housing and providing audio grounding are two different things: for this reason the wiring concept of myrinx separates the shield from the audio ground as optimally as possible. They are only connected at the connecting plug.

the wiring material

VovoxLabel.jpgHaving developed high end audio cables for VOVOX in the past 15 years, we know that the closer we get to an electronic circuit, the bigger the importance of wiring is. Inside a microphone, nothing is irrelevant and every centimeter of cable has an influence on sound quality.

When wiring Mirinx microphones, we only use solid core copper wires of the highest quality. Insulation plays a vital role for sound quality, as well: the jacketing of our cables is based on a combination of high purity plastic (no plastizicers, no PVC, no additives) and a mesh of natural fibers.

Some of the wires and cables used for the internal and external wiring are exclusively produced for myrinx by VOVOX.

the myrification

what we do
  • We take the capsule and the PCB of some of the best sounding microphones available on the market
  • We completely rewire all internal and external connections in an optimal and uncompromizing way
  • We place everything in a reflexion and interference free housing

That seems to be quite simple. It is not. But it is definitely worth the effort, as sound quality is significantly improved.