about myrinx

logo_kombiniert.pngmyrinx is a spin-off of the companies VOVOX (represented by Jürg Vogt) and evosolutions (represented by Regine Schwilch). Founded in 2013, it is the result of a long process which started years earlier. Due to the deep knowledge in biomimetics and in material science, myrinx follows a new, unusual approach to the design of microphones.

the people


Jürg Vogt is a material scientist with long experience in the audio industry. He is founder and CEO of VOVOX, a Swiss company having an excellent reputation for its outstanding audio cables. For more information on the cables of VOVOX see www.vovox.com and www.facebook.com/vovoxag


Regine Schwilch holds a PhD in biology. She is an expert for biomimetics and responsible for the inspiration myrinx gets from nature. For more information on how biology can inspire technology see www.evosolutions.ch

the place

mietmaul_goes_myrinx_02_Kopie.jpegThis is the place where myrinx microphones are manufactured, in Lucerne, Switzerland. Located in the building neubad - the old public swimming pool of Lucerne - the neighbourhood of myrinx is as innovative as the company itself. With premises of exactly 3.0 square meters, myrinx is most probably the tiniest microphone lab in the world.

the network

We are glad to have wonderful friends with outstanding skills who helped us to make our vision of myrinx to come true:

Thomas Steuri, award winning industrial designer, developed the perfect shape and proportions. Thomas is the mastermind behind the look of myrinx microphones.

Marco Homberger - one of our closest friends and great dialog partner, photographer and designer - created the myrinx logo and corporate design. Already suffering from a severe disease, Marco shared his genius with us, one last time, before passing away shortly after the creation of the myrinx logo. We miss you, Marco.

Enrico Limacher and his team from Geigenbau Koch support us with their great knowledge in wood processing. We are happy to have such help from professional luthiers.

the synthesis

myrinx is the symbiose of the know-how of two highly specialized companies, both with a very uncommon view on audio components.