The myrinx enhancement process, or simply put: the "myrification" process, is a concept applicable on all kinds of microphones. Nevertheless, it is especially rewarding in the case of top-class microphones, since it brings out all facets of their character in the purest possible form. We have selected some great sounding microphones as our base models. Further models from other manufacturer can be modified upon request. 

myrinx microphones built by courtesy of Brauner Microphones


myrinx brauner phantom

This microphone is based on the Phantom Classic, a large diaphragm FET microphone which works purely in cardioid characteristic. Its capsule is based on the ideal of the famous Brauner VM1 giving the microphone a very natural and pristine sound character.

net sales price: 2'600.- CHF (VAT not included)  

myrinx brauner phanthera

Based on the Brauner Phanthera, this large diaphragm FET microphone offers the charming sound characteristics of the coveted tube models Brauner VMA and VMX.

net sales price: 2'850.- CHF (VAT not included)  

myrinx brauner VM1

This model is based on the Brauner VM1, a legendary tube microphone with variable pattern. It offers a completely natural, modern sound with the highest resolution of sonic detail. Its transparent open character is predestined for vocal and instrumental recordings. The original Brauner VM1 is one of the first choice microphones of top artists and sound engineers all over the world.

net sales price: 5'900.- CHF (VAT not included)  

myrinx brauner VMX pure cardioid

Using the capsule and the electronic components of the Brauner VMX pure cardioid, this tube microphone  offers the full character sound well known from the Brauner VMA. Slight accentuation of the low mid and bottom end as well as a soft upper mid range grant this reference quality tube microphone a unique and completely charming sonic character.

net sales price: 5'200.- CHF (VAT not included) 

further Brauner models: prices on request

 myrinx microphones built by courtesy of Pearl Microphones

myrinx pearl CC22

Based on the Pearl CC22, this FET microphone offers a pure cardioid pattern. Typically for Pearl Microphones, the capsule has a rectangular membrane giving a very flat frequency response. We love this microphone especially for the truly beautiful mids and the warm sound.

net sales price: 2'600.- CHF (VAT not included)

myrinx pearl CO22

This microphone is based on the Pearl CO22, the onmi equivalent to the CC22. Typically for Pearl Microphones, the capsule has a rectangular membrane giving a very flat frequence response.

net sales price: 2'900.- CHF (VAT not included)

get your own microphone myrified

You already have a great microphone and share our vision? Contact us and let's see if we can myrify it!

As price indication, expect 1'600.- CHF for solid state microphones and 2'200.- CHF for vacuum tube microphones.

what you get

KofferOffen2.jpgmyrinx microphones come with

- an integrated connection cable

- a Rycote shock mount

- a wooden case

Standard length for connection cables is 3.5m. Different lengths are possible upon request.

In case of vacuum tube microphones, we include the cable from the microphone to the PSU. And to push things to perfection, we also include a VOVOX power cord for the PSU.

matched pairs of myrinx microphones

When producing a matched pair of microphones, we will use an actual matched pair of the microphone model you selected. The housings of the two microphones are selected in a way they form a perfect pair. The myrification is done as equally as possible on both microphones. If - for some reason - the two microphones should not sound identically after the process, we have no possibilities to match them. However, we see no reason why this should happen.


For as much as we would love to myrify every microphone, there are some limitations to the concept. At the moment, we are not able to myrify:

- small membrane microphones

- hand-held microphones

- stereo microphones


For liability reasons we do not modify historic microphones. We always work with great caution. In some cases the myrification process is irreversible and not all microphones can be restored to their original condition.

one of a kind

myrinx microphones are made of naturally grown materials. Therefore every piece is one of a kind.

sound samples

To give you an idea how the myrification of a microphone can affect the sound quality listen to the audio files below. 

Spoken word: Voice track recorded simultaneously with an orginial Neuman U87 and a myrinx neumann U87.

Singer's voice: tracks recorded simultaneously with pairs of microphones (original/myrified) in both, short and far distance to the microphones.