Several artists and sound engineers have tested myrinx microphones during the development phase of the project. Their feedback and experience was and is still an important source of information for us to constantly optimize the myrification process.


"I had the pleasure to have a conversation with Jürg. As we noticed, that we had the same conception of how to improve sound quality, we decided to customise 2 of my 5 Neumann M150. I received the microphones in 2 wonderful wooden boxes a few weeks later and began the tests. The result was amazing. A natural high end, less noise floor, a better tonal balance inside the orchestra, more width and depth. I heard the second plane of the orchestra as if it were in the room.

One of the main challenges was to preserve the tonal characteristics of the microphone. I did a last comparative test at Air Studios, London, with original M50’s. The result was beyond my wish, since it was difficult for us to recognise which ones were the originals. Finally, the myrinx M150 turned out to be closer to an original M50 than the M150 is.

Beyond the sound quality, the myrinx microphone concept is a masterpiece of technology and workmanship for which only Swiss people know the secret. My myrinx M150 are now my favourite microphones."


Stéphane Reichart, edda classics, audio recording and post-production

Mixonline.jpg" [...] I loved the tracks recorded with the Myrinx Phantom mics. They were the epitome of high-end recording. When I use the Moon 3500MP in a signal chain, I know from experience that what I'm hearing is not being colored by the preamp—in this case the mic and the preamp were doing the same "hands-off" dance to my ears. Myrinx has a new idea and it's worth a listen. [...]"

Kevin Becka, Mix Magazine

Rob_Griffin.jpgRob Griffin, Grammy award-winning sound engineer, is using myrinx microphones since the first day they are available. A myrified Soundelux U99 is used on the saxophone of Wayne Shorter, live on stage and in recording sessions. A pair of myrinx Brauner Phantoms are in constant use on recording sessions with Wayne Shorter, Shai Maestro, Julian Lage, Juanito Pascual and many others.

ChristianHeck3.jpg" [...] As final test I made an MS stereo recording of classical guitar using the myrinx CC22 as mid- and the myrinx VM1 in figure-8 polar pattern as side-microphone. In my career I produced some really good sounding classical guitar CD's - such a natural and three diamentional sound however I have never experienced before. Here the excellence of myrinx microphones is shown in the most obvious way. [...]"

Igl Schönwitz, Recording Magazin 6/15


Stephan Eicher tested the very first myrinx prototype based on a Microtech Gefell M930 when recording his latest album "L'Envolée".  At the end of the blindfolded shoot-out, the myrinx made it, along with a historic Sony C-37.

The myrinx was used on instrument recordings, mainly for acoustic guitar.

Logo_Studio_Magazin.png[...] "In our test the myrinx Phantom offers a warmer, very pleasant sound, a very natural, silky high range and overall more 'grip' than the standard model. The latter [i.e. the Brauner Phantom] appeared thinner and more edged in comparison, although there is no doubt that we are talking about an excellent microphone." [...]

Fritz Fey, Studio Magazin 05/14

Patrik_pic_Passeq_frontseite_original_2.JPGPatrik Schwitter is for sure one of the most experienced recording, mixing and mastering engineers in Switzerland (more than 900 productions). Apart from the fact that he is one of the nicest persons we have the pleasure to know, Patrik tested several myrinx prototypes and decided to myrify his Brauner VM1.

"Sound fetishists like me know from experience that every microphone has his specific character. Unfortunately I never came across a microphone that really satisfied me to 100% so far. Even the most expensive and sometimes hyped models always sounded a bit too fat, too sibilant, too boring, not airy enough etc. for my personal perception. But now myrinx is able to optimize even the best microphones! How does it sound? The typical character of the microphone remains unchanged, but all disturbing elements have disappeared. What remains is a very characteristic sound of a microphone, but in a purified quality one has never heard before. I will never give away my myrified Brauner VM1!"

ChristianHeck3.jpgChristian Heck, sound engineer from Cologne / Germany, is well known for his award winning jazz records. He came across myrinx during a cable comparison session at Yamaha Hamburg, initiated by the German 'Sound & Recording' magazine. Here is his opinion on a myrinx Brauner VM1:

"For me simply the best microphone for vocals I have ever tried and the first one where really nothing irritates me. As soon as this microphone is available, I want to have one. And further more it is no more necessary to de-ess the signal from vocals, something I really appreciate since so far I haven't found an inaudible de-essing tool. And unfortunately it also sounds significantly better than my loved 149's."

sound samples

To give you an idea how the myrification of a microphone can affect the sound quality listen to the audio files below. 

Spoken word: Voice track recorded simultaneously with an orginial Neuman U87 and a myrinx neumann U87.

Singer's voice: tracks recorded simultaneously with pairs of microphones (original/myrified) in both, short and far distance to the microphones.